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The new NanoHouse!

A place needs to deserve to be called «home», and Nanobit's new office was quite quick to earn the title.

The office is located on two storeys (and 1633 m2) of a modern building in Radnička Street, surrounded by top-notch restaurants, shops and cafes. It was designed by Brigada, a full service spatial design studio. The interior is inspired by the very beginning of gaming, and elements of classic games can be found all over the place.

The two main squares are named Pac-Man and Tetris, where internal educations and presentations are held.  These places are perfect for playing board games during the one-hour lunch break. A whole room is dedicated to ping pong, and it's the favorite place of our sporty and active Nanopeeps. Next to it are two console rooms – a PlayStation room in yellow and a VR room in blue. We should probably mention that almost everything is in this color combination – yellow and blue – since these are the colors of the Nanobit logo.

There are a few conference rooms, and the one we are proudest of is called «Meet the Nanobit». It has an enormous Connect4 game on the wall, with Nanobit's employees faces on the circles. Everyone has chosen a prop for themselves (such as hats, bows, animals, etc.) drawn by our artists. Also, there are two Skype rooms – Turquoise and Fuchsia, and one phone room.

Some of the games which you can «find» walking around our office are Donkey Kong, Super Mario, Minesweeper, Snake, and others we already mentioned – Pac-Man, Tetris, Pong.

Photos by: Relja Ivanić

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