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Knight Raiders

Welcome to a free RPG adventure of the highest order! Recruit your squad, equip awesome weapons, don sturdy armor and prepare to fight evil – and other players!

The kingdom of Valeron is in dire peril! Hordes of demonspawn roam the countryside, invading cities and destroying everything they lay their greedy eyes upon. Their vile influence is even corrupting animals and other creatures! It is up to you to form a squad of brave knights and end this unholy threat once and for all!

Choose your warriors, equip yourself well, build and upgrade your village to unlock more powerful buildings and new combatants. Research abilities, craft and enhance equipment. Pick among many awe-inspiring active and passive battle skills. And then wage war against demons and their wicked servants. You can even challenge other players in the exciting Arena battles!

You are now all that stands between the encroaching darkness and thousands of innocent lives. Sacrifice everything for a chance at liberation. Allow yourself to be reforged in the heat of battle into something greater!

Are you up to the challenge?
It's time to Knight up! 

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